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“I add my Voice to the World's First Interfaith Anthem #TheGiftOfLove #WIHW2015 http://thndr.it/1D6KHd7

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As part of The World Interfaith Harmony Week Initiative, we are launching the World's first Interfaith Anthem, The Gift of Love. The lyrics of the song are based on the Two Commandments of 'Love of God, and Love of the Neighbour', and extends these commandments by adding 'Love of the Good, and Love of the Neighbour'. This formula includes all people of goodwill. It includes those of other faiths, and those with no faith.

Lyrics for the World Interfaith Harmony Anthem, The Gift of Love:


Diliges proximum tuum tamquam te ipsum

[Translation: ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself’. (Mark 12:31)]

Love to give!

To give is love,

And love the gift,

The gift of love.

No belief!

Without the love,

Believe in love!

The belief of love.

None of you truly believes until you love for your neighbour what you love for yourself.

None of you truly believes until you love for your neighbour what you love for yourself.

[A saying of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)]


Love to give!

The gift of love,

Give the other,

All your love.


What a relief!

To give my love,

I am now you,

And you are my love!

GbMbT © 2015

The Anthem is sung by the talented Mr. Sami Yusuf:

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World Interfaith Harmony Week

The World Interfaith Harmony Week provides a platform—the first week of February of every year—when all interfaith groups and other groups of goodwill can show the world what a powerful movement they are.

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